We regularly look out for great avenues for our artists, Song writers and creatives to make more revenue from their music, hence we always update our stores and platform list with new monetization platforms. The latest being ACRCloud, Pretzel and Ampsuite.

ACRCloud is an automatic audio identification and content recognition platform that helps media, broadcasters and app developers to identify, monitor and monetize your music.

Pretzel makes your music available for live streamers whose stream is monetized and you get a cut from their revenue.
Ampsuite Publishing collects your publishing revenue world over from PROs.

To submit your music to new platforms.

Login to your account, scroll down and click on “Releases” , select a “Track” and click “View”,  scroll to and click on “Deliveries”, under Deliveries, Click on “Send to Stores”, then select the new platforms and click the green (Send to Stores) button. 

Check regularly atleast ones a month to see if their are new updates.


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