Yivera Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Yivera

    Yivera is an online music distribution and publishing service, we help you make money with your music and pay you for your music.

  • Why Should I use Yivera

    On Yivera you can upload an unlimited amount of music to stores and monetization platforms without any annual service fee for as low as $5 for a single and keep 100% of your music rights. Other services make you pay each time you upload music.

  • What are the unique features that makes Yivera different

    With Yivera your music gets into stores faster than it takes other platforms to get your music into stores. Customer service is available by Email, Call, and WhatsApp, Yes Whatsapp. Our platform offers daily stats, a simple easy to use interface, and lots of unique features:

    • Automatic splits
    • Instant music video generators
    • Label Management Functions
    • Cover song clearance
    • Big playlists for Yivera artists
    • Email Marketing For Artists
    • TikTok and Twitch support
    • Fastest payouts in the world
    • Many more…
  • Nothing is Showing on my account dashboard

    Upon your first sign-in, your Dashboard may be looking empty but will update to show an overview of your sales once data is available when you get your first reports. The dashboard will contain a number of widgets that show daily sales from a number of stores such as Spotify, Apple, Beatport and others where daily sales feeds are available.

  • When will I get paid

    Your money will be sent to you once you reach or exceed the threshold of £50