Playlists are one major way to get your music across to millions of music listeners as an upcoming artist or even an established artist. Having your song in as many playlists as possible will help rake-in the much needed streams and can even lead to a fortuitous blow up.

A Playlist is a collection of songs on a streaming service put together in a list by a curator based in the genres of the music for public or private consumption.

Perry Martins

Playlists can lead to a serendipitous discovery of your music by major labels or other music and media stakeholders like Radio and TV executives.. There are two types of playlists; curators playlist and editorial playlists.

Types of Playlist

  • Curator playlists are private playlists created by influencers on the streaming platform with thousands or hundreds of thousands or followers.
  • Editorial playlists are curated by the editors of the streaming platform which they sometimes optimize by broadcasting it to their millions of users.

Playlist Pitching

To be able to get in on a playlist, you will need to pitch your song to the curators or the editors of the playlist, some will require you to pay, some might not but all curators want your song to be good and be suitable for their playlist. If your song is not professionally recorded and mastered or the genre you submitted is wrong, they will not accept your song.

Spotify has a guideline on how to get on their playlist, you can see the procedure here, also private curators have a process too. Read up on how you can submit your music to over 100 curators. You can also submit your music for promotion on Yivera Spotify playlists.

For Boomplay, you can contact any of the Boomplay playlist curators or contact us to be on Gospotainment or Yivera playlist on Boomplay.

For Apple Music playlists, You can take advantage of the Yivera playlist on iTunes.



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